How To Build A Functional Channel In Discord

I'm making a discord bot, and I'm trying to make use of the createChannel function shown here in the documentation. For some reason, I am getting the following error: TypeError: bot.createChannel […]

How To Create A Webinar Using Powerpoint

Data scientists use R Markdown documents to create reproducible code that can be rendered in a variety of output types. Some of the most common output types include HTML, Word, and PDF, but new improvements make it possible to create PowerPoint presentations as well. […]

How To Download Mystic Light Sync

Mystic Light Sync. With the convenience of Mystic Light Sync, you can control RGB LED solutions to customize your computer lighting from other supported peripherals, such as RGB CPU/System Coolers, Memory Modules, Cases, HDDs, Keyboards, Mice, Mouse Pads, Headsets, and LED strips. […]

How To Clean Vinyl Blinds

Cleaning your blinds can be quite easy. Simply wash your blinds using a hose or pressure cleaner on the lowest setting. You can also use a gentle detergent such as a wool mix should you have more stubborn stains. Another popular choice for more stubborn stains is VuPlex, a cleaner that has been specifically developed for the cleaning and protection of clear PVC blinds. It’s available from […]

Mailchimp How To Change Password

Initial registration consists of creating a username, password, and security questions. The user’s name and physical address must be provided so MailChimp can automatically build email footers that comply with spam laws. Your mailing address MUST appear at the bottom of the newsletter, so you might want to consider using a post office box. Also, with self-hosted websites you should consider […]

How To Delete Stremio From Mac

4/12/2017 · Alternative to Kodi "Stremio" if you're looking for an alternative to Kodi on your TV box try Stremio, it's easy to install and set up, This is a small video on how to install Stremio and add addons. […]

How To Change Wechat Qr Code

Our thought was that since QR codes change, it is actually easier just to have the administrator add their wechat name and then people can ask to be added. […]

How To Build A Spiral Herb Garden

The herb spiral is a permaculture gardening method that uses nature to its full potential. Gravity allows the water to seep through the levels meaning that the plants at the top get full drainage while the ones at the bottom may reside in a simple bog. […]

How To Change Billing Address

You can change your billing address but at least you need following, To Change your mailing address with the Bank, you need to submit self-attested scanned copy of your Address Proof. […]

How To Change Hibernate Mode In Windows 7

Windows users could consider Hibernate mode as a handy feature, in case you want to save time, when you restart your computer. However, if you want to save some disk space, disabling Hibernate … […]

How To Connect Surface Pen

7/05/2015 · Unlike the Surface Pro 3, Windows won't prompt you to pair Surface Pen with Surface 3 during setup. Instead, you'll need to pair Surface Pen with your Surface 3 manually. […]

How To Add Contacts On Skype For Business

How to search for and add your campus security contact. Open Skype for Business. In the 'Find someone or a room, or dial a number' search box, then type your campus name followed by 'security'. […]

How To Build Bookcase Popular Mechanics

Plans To Build A Bookcase 8x12 Guard Shack Build Wooden Steps For Concrete Porch workbench plans popular mechanics How To Build A Two Story Storage Shed Building A Step Down Deck The next tool would be a power drill. […]

How To Break Free From Addiction

Addiction and co-dependency in families are all too common. The Co-dependent becomes the enabler in the relationship in support of the addict.Co-dependency […]

How To Draw Princess Anna

When you’re finished, don’t forget to draw Anna right next to her. As always, we can’t wait to see how your kid’s drawings turn out. There are several ways you can send us their art! […]

How To Change Coolant Honda

Draining the radiator in a Honda Accord is a straightforward process. Coolant, or antifreeze, flows from the radiator to the engine to prevent overheating. […]

How To Connect My Tomtom To My Computer

17/08/2015 · There is a lengthy thread on the official TomTom forum titled "Can't connect to Windows 10". Try the solution detailed in my post on Page 3 of that thread. Try the solution detailed in my post on Page 3 of that thread. […]

How To Add Aplicaation To Apple Play

That will bring up a new menu of options like Play Next, Add to My Music, and Make Available Offline. At the bottom of the menu is Add to a Playlist. Tap that, then pick which playlist you want to […]

How To Delete Gmail Emails On Iphone 6

The tutorial below is meant to delete your Gmail account from your iPhone. That means that any emails, contacts, calendars, or notes on your iPhone will be deleted as well. That means that any emails, contacts, calendars, or notes on your iPhone will be deleted as well. […]

How To Connect Css In Html

The appearance of HTML content is still under the purview of CSS, meaning that we must integrate the technologies together to create a cohesive whole. As we’ll see in future articles, this extends to using JavaScript to initiate CSS animations on HTML content. […]

How To Change Display Size On Windows 7

Windows 7 (Aero) does not offer an option to easily change the taskbar font size. BACKGROUND: I was using the Medium Text size of 125%. (Set via Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display) […]

How To Clear Up Your Skin Naturally

Apply to your skin, using your hands in circular motion and massage it gently into your skin. Rinse and apply moisturizer. Rinse and apply moisturizer. Sometimes trying to get clear skin can cost an arm and a leg, but these natural remedies cost very little and are proven to help zap those zits. […]

How To Build Big Arms Quickly

Step 1. Select weights you can lift for no more than six reps with good form for maximum size and strength gain. Experienced lifters should use free weights to engage a wider range of stabilizer muscles than machines allow, but you must have a spotter to work muscles to failure safely. […]

How To Create A Transition In Power Point

15/01/2015 · I'm looking for a way to randomly transition to slides in a powerpoint. Keep in mind, I'm not looking for random effects. For example, after slide one, the computer will randomly select a slide (say slide # 2), then randomly select another (say slide # 15) until all slides have been chosen. […]

How To Change The Source On A Samsung Tv

25/05/2014 · By default you can't change the name of the input under 'Edit Name' from the 'Source' selector. You have to create a custom input source to have a custom name as far as I can tell. Menu (on remote) .. […]

How To Build A Veterinary Hospital

To make an appointment simply contact the UQ VETS Small Animal Hospital during business hours on 07 54601788. One of our friendly reception staff will find an appropriate and convenient time for you and your companion animal to see one of our veterinarians. […]

How To Change A Single Slides Master

by Avantix Learning Team Updated January 30, 2017 Applies to: Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2010, 2013 and 2016 (also applies to 2007) Before running a PowerPoint slide show, you may want to remove animations on an individual slide or turn off animations for the entire presentation. […]

How To Download Windows 8 From Microsoft

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 is available as a free upgrade for any PC running Windows 8. With just a few simple steps, you can get important new features, including the ability to see multiple windows […]

How To Call Uber Taxi

GoGoGrandparent let's people use Lyft and Uber without a smartphone. When calling GoGoGrandparent (their number is 855 464-6872), callers can call from any type of phone (including a landline, flip phone, pay phone, etc) and all they have to do is press 1 to order a ride to their home or 2 … […]

How To Repair Cut Out Ashvolt

Corrugated asphalt can appear 3-5 years after installation and, unfortunately, needs to be cut out entirely and replaced with patches of the correct full-depth asphalt mixture. Asphalt Edge Cracking You sometimes see these long cracks running along the edges of the road pavement. […]

How To Connect Gyration Wireless Keyboard

Wireless transmission range. The term wireless is normally used to refer to any type of electrical or electronic operation which is accomplished without the use of a "hard wired" connection. […]

How To Choose Interior Paint Colors And Schemes

Before choosing interior paint colors for your home, consider the following 6 tips: TIP 1: Home decorating magazines and websites can be a big help. One of the best ways to get inspired about colors is to look at magazines and websites that are specifically designed to provide you with ideas. […]

How To Draw A Bathroom Step By Step

If you want, you can even draw a chore chart to split up the labor-decorate it with your favorite farm animals to help divvy the tasks up! In the past, many kids that grew up on farms were homeschooled because they had to do so much work to do! How to Draw Farm Animals - Step-by-Step Tutorials. All Animals (1164) All Categories. Ocean Animals. Zoo Animals. Rainforest Animals . Farm Animals […]

Steam How To Download Dlc

no need to download them, they're in the game already. exit borderlands 2 and exit steam. Restart, and if anything needs to download to activate them on your account, it will happen then. […]

How To Delete My Facebook Page Completely

12/01/2018 · After taking the steps to delete your Facebook account, it will first be deactivated for 14 days, then it will be permanently deleted. Remember "Do not login to your … […]

How To Cancel Xbox One Game Pre Order

Xbox One X sets pre-order record for the Xbox console family It also includes a unique gradient on the console itself as well as a free trial to the Xbox Game Pass service. “Within just a […]

How To Draw In Garageband

To edit pitching shifting and modulation, you can use the MIDI Draw function in the Piano Roll Editor. In this online video you'll receive an overview of the MIDI draw tool, starting with how to […]

How To Change A Toyota Camry Tire

SOURCE: Trouble changing tires for '99 Toyota Corolla. Sounds like the wheel is just rusted to the hub a little bit. Take all the lug nuts out exept for one. […]

How To Cook Whitefish Whole

8 Types Of Fish And How To Cook Them (With Recipes) From whitefish to Pacific salmon, here’s your go-to guide for cooking fish. by Laura Jeha Aug 7, 2018 Baked salmon with acorn squash. Photo […]

How To Change A Cell In Mac

Edit the active cell. Windows shortcut . F2. Mac shortcut ? U. This shortcut enters cell edit mode with the cursor at the end of the last line of text in the cell. If you want the cursor to move to the formula bar, see below. Once you are editing a cell, you can use the F2 / Ctrl+U again to toggle through available edit modes (edit, enter, point). "Point" and "Enter" work similarly and allow […]

How To Connect Wire Rope

24/03/2011 · LED Rope Lights - Connecting Power Cords and Splices. 5 wire and 2 wire led rope lights. […]

How To Avoid Eating Processed Foods

June 26. Guide to a Healthy Vegan Life: Processed Products to Avoid. If you want to lead a healthy vegan life, you should avoid processed foods in general. […]

How To Draw Pokemon Pikachu Step By Step

Let’s draw Pikachu’s again subsequent. Think about potatoes once more whenever you’re drawing this line. You ought to have it dip barely within the heart. Think … […]

How To Choose A Hand Quilting Design

Hand quilting makes small or elaborate designs easier to execute. 3 Decide on a pattern. Basic quilting patterns include cross-hatch, stipple and echo variations among many other types of quilting patterns. […]

How To Add 40 Profit To A Cost

For example, the profit potential on a $60 markup is vastly different if your original cost was $1,000, instead of just $40. Dividing the markup by your original cost and multiplying by 100 […]

How To Add A Variation To My Existing Amazon Listing

9/12/2014 · you’re right, it can’t update existing variation listings yet when you add new variations in WooCommerce. This should be implemented in the next version 0.9.3. This should be implemented in the next version 0.9.3. […]

How To Change Spell Check Language In Openoffice

28/08/2017 · How to Set Up Estonian Spellcheck in OpenOffice. If you speak and write in Estonian, you probably want your document software to spellcheck correctly for your needs. Well here's your solution! Follow these simple steps and you'll be on... […]

How To Delete All Contacts On Messenger

21/11/2006 · Normally there are 2 ways.. you can right click on a name and choose delete or you can click on Contacts at the top and then choose delete a contact. Before opening Messenger also try clearing internet files and cookies. Have you updated to the new Windows Live messenger yet? […]

How To Keep Sex Toys Clean

Germs in the Bedroom. Germs are often spread through shared toys. Try these 10 tips to beat bacteria in the bedroom and playroom. […]

How To Connect Router Browser

Expand the Range of your Wireless Network with another Router Save the settings of the SLAVE router and close the browser window. C: Connect Two Routers with a Cat-5 Cable. Now that we have configured the routers, it’s time to connect them with an Ethernet cable. Your MASTER Router probably has five (1+4) ports. The WAN port (or the Internet port) should be connected to the ISP modem […]

How To Build An Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

Are Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplaces Safe for Elevated Decks & Porches? There are few additions to an outdoor living space that can add the elegance, relaxation, and beauty of a natural wood-burning fireplace. […]

Kids How To Keep Water Clean

Take part in local clean-up days to help keep trash out of the water. Clean up litter along a river, stream or beach, or along city streets or highways. If you have children, use this opportunity […]

How To Change Battery In Luxpro Thermostat

the batteries that are installed in the thermostat. This setting should always remain This setting should always remain enabled unless the thermostat is being powered by System Power alone, without any […]

How To Open Pdf In Firefoxx Rather Download Directly

Automatic pdf file download without save/open/cancel pop up in IE9 and firefox 17.0.11 ERS browser for Windows 7 operating system 1. How to download and open a pdf file automatically just by clicking on the file in firefox and IE browser for windows 7 without the save/ open/cancel popup. […]

How To Become A Software Security Engineer

A security engineer is an experts who takes on himself the hands-on duties of building, implementing, deploying, and maintaining cyber security solutions for a certain organization; solutions such firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, honeypots, and security software. It is only after the engineer is done with his duties that an analyst will take on his. Given that these security […]

How To Clean All White Ultraboosts

adidas Ultra Boost All Terrain - Men's Width - D - Medium $220.00 $169.99 adidas Ultra Boost X - Women's Width - B - Medium $179.99 $149.99 adidas Ultra Boost Clima - … […]

How To Draw A Pentagon In Matlab

I need to use image processing functions like imdilate or imerode and etc on the polygons. To this end, I should convert my polygons to image. I wonder whether there is a way to sketch a polygon directly in a binary matrix (1's for foreground and 0's for background) ? […]

How To Delete An Email Address From Roundcube Email Program

18/01/2009 · The webmail program does not use imap, it uses pop3 and donwloads the emails to its own storage. So the uebimiau webmail program can never sync with an imap server. So the uebimiau webmail program can never sync with an imap server. […]

How To Buy Apps On Apple Tv

Apple added a Categories section on the Apple TV App Store, although it’s still limited, unfortunately. Right now the categories are very Games and Entertainment focused, so there’s still work […]

How To Become A Probation Officer

IMAGE SOURCE. Overview. Probation officers play an important role in the criminal justice system. They work to rehabilitate those convicted of crimes and supervise them to avoid recidivism. […]

How To Draw An Octopus For Kids

How to draw Octopus for kids - step by step - Fact - It has two eyes and four pairs of arms and, like other cephalopods, it is bilaterally symmetric. […]

How To Carry Money In Bali

Tip: Carry at least two credit/debit cards and more than one currency (Australian, US, and the currency of your destination). Split your money and cards between separate bags. […]

How To Delete Table In Mysql

Description: How do I remove create options from a table? Below is one example where I convert a compressed InnoDB table to MyISAM and row_format=compressed is bogus for MyISAM but remains. […]

How To Delete Groupme Group

Navigating over to the Groups tab within the app and sitting at the top is a new GroupMe banner informing the user of the app and its ability to create groups across platforms to share and chat. […]

How To Create A Dashboard In Excel 2013

This step-by-step guide assumes the creator knows how to create charts and tables in Excel and has the knowledge to create a Wiki page in SharePoint. 1. Create an Excel workbook with charts and tables. […]

How To Cook A Fried Egg In The Oven

What temperature in the oven do you cook frozen fried chicken? 325 degrees for about 30 minutes. Share to: If you like the brown crispy edge on the egg, cook … it on Medium-High. How do you keep fried eggs after cooking? Ideally fried eggs are eaten as soon as they are ready. Plan your cooking schedule so that they are ready when the remainder of the meal is ready. Share to: What […]

How To Add A Second Account On Snapchat

See, the idea behind making a second Snapchat account isn't to use it as a form of communication, it's to use it as a form of documentation. Instead of staying logged in after creating your second account, you're supposed to write down your username and password somewhere safe (because in all honesty forgetting both is a very real possibility), add your original account as a friend, log out of […]

How To Draw A Cartoon Elk

The Western Hunter blog is compiled by Nathaniel Demiter on DIY hunting the western states of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico and from time to time, California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon will also be covered. […]

How To Add Products On Shoptify

Products can be added easily using Shopify’s interface or you can even import your products via a CSV file – this last option is pretty useful for large online stores. Sidenote : It’s also possible to import and export other pieces of data like customer lists, orders or even reviews using CSV files. […]

How To Draw A Easter Bunny Youtube

Bunny Cartoon Drawing How To Draw A Cute Bunny Rabbit Easy Youtube . Simple Easter Bunny Drawing At GetDrawings Com Free For Personal . Easy Rabbit Drawing Happywinner Co. Easy Rabbit Drawing Oyle Kalakaari Co . Drawing Of Rabbit Simple Simple Rabbit Drawing Drawing Step For A . Cute Rabbit Drawing Bunny Rabbit Drawing How To Draw A Cute Bunny . 3 Ways To Draw The Easter Bunny WikiHow. Easter […]

How To Create A Bank Statement In Excel

The Monthly Bank Reconciliation Template for Excel is a beautiful, minimalist yet colorful spreadsheet template that can help you determine any changes made in your bank statement … […]

How To Build Rollout Truck Box

Boxes can be mounted in truck box, on flatbeds or trailers. These boxes are perfect for storing your equipment, tools and personal gear. Truck Pullout Bed-Pack Boxes are available in different sizes, and can be ordered a custom size. All American Truckboxes boxes are designed and built to keep your equipment safe and secure. […]

How To Connect Roland Juno D To Pc

* Although Roland has tested numerous configurations and has determined that on average, a computer system similar to that described above will permit normal operation of the software synthesizer version of the D-50 Linear Synthesizer, Roland cannot guarantee that a given computer can be used satisfactorily with the D-50 Linear synthesizer based solely on the fact that it meets the above […]

How To Cut Off Tree Stumps At Ground Level

In a coppiced wood, young tree stems are repeatedly cut down to near ground level. In subsequent growth years, many new shoots will emerge, and, after a number of years the coppiced tree, or stool, is ready to be harvested, and the cycle begins again. […]

How To Clean Pee Out Of A Microfiber Couch

Getting Rid of Dog Urine Odor From Microfiber Couch Hi Becki, go to your local feed store to get a syringe and needle (yes, you can buy one). Use it to inject pet odor neutralizer (same as for carpet shampooing) into the cushions. […]

Winrar How To Delete Files

Option 1: Convert ZIP file to RAR Format with WinRAR WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files and convert ZIP archives into RAR file format. […]

How To Create Custom Visualizations In Tableau

Get a comprehensive skillset in Tableau and succeed in business intelligence, data visualization and in your career! 4.7 (115 ratings) Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure … […]

How To Cook Taylor Pork Roll In Oven

We were at the grocery store earlier today. As I browsed the deli area, I found a "Taylor Pork Roll". I have never heard of this product. I picked it up, showed it to the hubby and son, read the ingredients, and just could not figure out what it may be. […]

How To Become A Piercer Australia

5/04/2009 · Best Answer: something like that yeah. you need to take a first aid class and a pathogen class. once you have that you can approach a piercer who Might be leaving because there really is no need to have more than more piercer in the shop. you first start off as a shop hand they teach you the bussiness and […]

How To Create Stars Using Marker

Or, if you decide not to use a star at all, just keep cycling through them until you reach the option without a star. How to Use Custom Stars in Gmail The other, non-yellow stars, supported by Gmail are accessible through the settings: […]

How To Draw A Mermaid Tail

A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a female human and the tail of a fi... […]

How To Create Moasiac Look In Illustrator

Follow along with today’s tutorial to create a distressed type based logo design in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll apply a range of adjustments to form the layout using fonts, then finish the artwork with texturing to achieve the aged look. […]

How To Change Skype Id

since microsoft bought skype, it's updating skype such that you have to use a microsoft account (email address as username) to login to skype. but for now, you can still login using skype name if you had one. […]

How To Build A Concrete Skate Bowl

Street plaza skatepark designs, because they lack bowls, don’t require plumbing and the water can “sheet drain” off the sides of the facility. (A subtle grade in the flat concrete moves water to the sides of the park.) Sheet-draining is generally less expensive than plumbing. […]

How To Build A Corner Cabinet Plans

Our How to build corner cabinet plans incorporate detailed drawings and specifications that will allow you to finish your project efficiently. They will provide the information you need to successfully complete a project and provide a list of the materials, tools, screws, and hardware that are needed to finish the piece. All the totally free woodworking plans are in many different various […]

How To Become A Research Assistant As An Undergraduate

Many professors at UAlbany work with undergraduate research assistants. In the professor/research-assistant relationship, the student provides some of the knowledge and effort that is necessary to move the research forward. […]

How To Create A 4 Variable Scatter Plot

The Scatter Plot Matrix is a great tool that provides a quick visual of potential associations between variables. This may provide the analyst some hints on how to proceed with the analysis. […]

How To Add Two Websites To Instagram Bio helps you combine multiple web links into a single visual link that you can then add to your Instagram profile. Here is a quick video demo on how you can do it in minutes. Thousands of users are using elink to create cool profiles and product pages with elink. Check it out.. […]

How To Create A Powerpoint Template 2013

Powerpoint custom templates get custom templates to appear on the start screen in ms office 2013 how to create template creating custom powerpoint templates microsoft office powerpoint open office powerpoint presentations applying and modifying themes in powerpoint 2010 information powerpoint template creation x powerpoint custom template 2013 […]

How To Connect Panasonic Printer To Computer

25/05/2012 · I have panasonic printer model: KX-P1121E with no intaller CD. I would like to install to my computer by downloading installer driver by internet, but I cant fine it in the internet of that model. […]

How To Build A Mason Bee Nesting Box

By building this simple nest box, you can attract a gentle but prolific pollinator to your suburban yard and enjoy the fruits of its labor. Mason Bee Nesting Block. By building this simple nest box, you can attract a gentle but prolific pollinator to your suburban yard and enjoy the fruits of its labor. Mason Bee Nesting Block. By building this simple nest box, you can attract a gentle but […]

How To Clean Granite Countertops Martha Stewart

Martha chose soapstone (named for its smooth, "soapy" touch) for all the countertops in her studio kitchen. Primarily composed of talc, soapstone is light gray when fresh from the quarry, but its surface oxidizes over time, deepening in color and developing an attractive patina -- … […]

How To Cook The Perfect Meatloaf

You don't need any complicated techniques to make the most delicious and moist meatloaf. There are simply a few gems of advice that are easy to follow. […]

How To Create An Mp3 File On My Computer

Convert Your Video File to MP3 and Save It Choose the folder in which you want to save the converted files by clicking the Folder icon and hit Convert to convert the video file to MP3. The process can take anything from one to several minutes, depending on the file size and the number of files … […]

How To Become A Peruvian Citizen

Ecuador Citizenship Requirements: Update For permanent residents of Ecuador thinking of applying for naturalization after 3 years of residency, as of February 1, 2015, there is a new directive regarding the amount of time you can be out of the country. […]

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